About Us

We began life as a hairdressing salon in the Market Town of Altrincham, Cheshire, over seventy years ago and we're still there, a family owned and run business (we just a grew a bit). A while back, we saw an opportunity to create an online offering for our customers too and they loved it. Initially, we had a name that we shared with an American Car. Don't get us wrong, we love American Cars, but they don't really translate all that well to selling natural and premium hair products. Anyway, so now here we are, as Clay and Blossom, the name was actually voted for by our staff and we feel it's quite an honest insight into what we're all about.

Anyway, enough about our name, as you may have guessed by now, we sell hair products, the nicest ones around. You won't find a product full of nasties that smell like a teenager's bedroom here; only the best, with the best ingredients. We've tried and tested these products on the customers in our salon, and that's why they keep coming back, so rest assured, any product you buy from us is there because we absolutely know it, inside out, and it'll always stay that way.

Piece about photography

You'll see that our site is quite image led, that's mainly because we absolutely love nice photographs, the walls in our offices are covered in them. If you're  photographer, and you reckon your images would look good on our site (or our walls) then please do give us a shout.