Xen-Tan - Body Scrub

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With XEN-TAN - Body Scrub 236ml say good-bye to those oh-so-awful, dry, orange patches on your elbows, ankles and feet. With a light granular texture its gentle exfoliant is designed to prepare your skin for a beautiful, longer-lasting tan while leaving your skin feeling super-soft and silky-smooth and ready to get that perfect tan.

SIZE: 236ml
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Xen-Tan - Body Scrub

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Xen-Tan - Body Scrub

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Xen-Tan - Body Scrub

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Xen-Tan - Body Scrub

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The light granular texture rejuvenates your skin, gently exfoliating and perfectly preparing it for a flawless tan. XEN-TAN - Body Scrub 236ml doesn't strip the skin or tan and is completely colour-safe so it's pretty much a must-use product in between tanning, ensuring you get the best from your self-tanner every time. Those dark days of give-away dry orange patches are a thing of the past; so you can tell everyone about your “holiday in the Caribbean” a whole lot more convincingly now! Oh and one more thing – it won't leave an oily film or residue on your skin.

Apply XEN-TAN - Body Scrub 236ml onto wet skin in circular motions, rinse thoroughly, and then pat your skin dry. Nice and easy stuff

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