Xen-Tan - Dark Lotion

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There's no need to live in fear of the tango-tan, a suspiciously variegated skin tone or a less then “eau de parfum” chemical smell post-tan. XEN-TAV – Dark Lotion 236ml solves all these fears in one giving you a luxurious, beautiful, streak-less tan that lasts twice as long. That must be why it's been hailed “Favourite Self-Tanner” by A-List Celebrities, Beauty Editors and Fake Tan Fans worldwide.

SIZE: 236ml
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Xen-Tan - Dark Lotion

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Xen-Tan - Dark Lotion

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Xen-Tan - Dark Lotion

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Xen-Tan - Dark Lotion

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With its natural Olive undertones, rich moisturisers and premium ingredients XEN-TAN - Dark Lotion 236ml creates an exceptionally long-wearing tan that won't gather around your ankles or elbows and fades completely evenly. Its delicious fragrance sets it apart from the characteristic chemical smell of other products while rich Coconut and Walnut oils result in a luxurious and beautiful, streak-less tan that lasts twice as long, with no chance of it turning you orange. Oh and it doesn't like to gather around your ankles or elbows either; good news for everyone as that's always a bit of a giveaway isn't it?!

Shower using XenTan - Body Scrub 236ml, and dry off thoroughly. XEN-TAN - Dark Lotion 236ml allows you to decide how dark you want to be. Now this bit's up to you – we can't decide for you but if you apply a thin coat you get a lighter tan while if you apply one or two thicker applications you get a really dark Olive tan. No surprises there really but we thought we'd let you know just in case. Remember do not apply moisturisers prior to the application of tan, it will dilute and diminish the affect of the self-tanner. Finally leave on for a minimum of 3 hours before washing off.

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