Xen-Tan - Mist Intense

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Disaster has struck; it's sunny outside and you really want to wear those new shorts but your legs are marble white. In fact, they're so white that you're feeling more reflective than radiant. Panic not as XEN-TAN - Mist Intense 148ml is an instant fix if you forgot to tan the night before. It lasts up to seven days and dries in seconds, is non-stick and has no chemical smell. Get those shorts out of your cupboard!

SIZE: 148ml
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Xen-Tan - Mist Intense

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Xen-Tan - Mist Intense

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Xen-Tan - Mist Intense

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Xen-Tan - Mist Intense

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XEN-TAN - Mist Intense 148ml is the perfect thing if you forgot to tan the night before, you can easily apply it in the morning for an instant Olive glow. Even the finest mist can be spread easily over your skin for a dark, instant colour which lasts up to 7 days. XEN-TAN - Mist Intense 148ml is produced to have no chemical smell whatsoever regardless of the heat and its also non sticky while providing a dark, deep, long lasting. Oh, one more thing - its totally Paraben free.

For best results spray XEN-TAN - Mist Intense 148ml onto a sponge and glide it over your face and body in the morning or night. No more having to hide away waiting for the tan to develop, just dress and go!

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