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XEN-TAN Tanning Mitt is the only thing you can't be without when achieving a flawless tan finish. It's easy to use and gives you a professional salon finish, even coverage and flawless results time after time. What a wonderful little mitt!

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XenTan Mitt

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XenTan Mitt

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XenTan Mitt

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XenTan Mitt

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Specially designed and tested by XEN-TAN beauty experts, this luxury mitt will provide you with a salon quality finish and flawlessly even coverage every time – even if you're sat in your less than salon quality bathroom at home... The perfect accompaniment to all the XEN-TAN self-tanning range, the XEN-TAN Tanning Mitt pops in the washing machine nice and easy and is a rich brown colour disguises tan residue - so it doesn't look like a dirty sock! Cunning; very, very cunning.

Always clean your XEN-TAN Tanning Mitt after every application so there is no residue of lotion from a previous application. Its nothing too tricky - just give it a wash with mild soap and water and dry gently.

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