XenTan - Transform Luxe

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Packed with moisturizers and a fresh new vanilla scent XEN-TAN - Transform Luxe 236ml is the popular Transform formula but with a more intense level of DHA (the tanning ingredient) so you'll not only use less product, you'll also see a silky smooth, Olive glow even quicker. What's more it's available in a new larger size so it will last you longer too. So much good news all at once!

SIZE: 236ml
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XenTan - Transform Luxe

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XenTan - Transform Luxe

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XenTan - Transform Luxe

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XenTan - Transform Luxe

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XEN-TAN - Transform Luxe 236ml forms a fantastic part of your tan routine either as your gradual tanner or as an extender in between tanning with any of XEN-TAN main products. It's got more intense levels of DHA (the tanning ingredient) compared to Transform, gives a light & creamy gradual tan and can be used as a every day moisturiser. Oh and we almost forgot – it can also be used as a tan extender, applied 4-5 days following Deep Bronze Luxe.

Apply XEN-TAN - Transform Luxe 236ml in a circular motion. Blend evenly onto dry cleansed skin. Wash your hands after application with water and soap and wait 3 hours before showering or swimming, plus avoid light coloured clothing while tanning to make sure that gorgeous tan stays on you and not your shower, your t-shirt or your trousers.

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