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Cloud 9 Wide Iron

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Just as fabulous as its friend the Cloud Nine Iron, the Cloud Nine Wide Iron is specifically designed for getting those locks super straight without scorching heat, allowing you to get creative instead of getting hot and bothered.

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Cloud 9 Wide Iron

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Cloud 9 Wide Iron

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Cloud 9 Wide Iron

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Cloud 9 Wide Iron

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Another firm favourite of the beauty industry is The Cloud Nine Wide Iron. This incredible straightener has all the fantastic technology of the Cloud Nine Iron but with extra wide plates. From the state-of-the-art temperature control gauge, to the hibernation mode and swivel cord, it has everything you need to make the most of your style. Ideal for very long and very thick hair, or hair with a tight natural curl, the additional width of the irons allows you to style more hair, faster. And we're not talking average styles - far from it. Our wide straighteners let you create diverse, beautiful looks at cooler temperatures. Which means you hair doesn't have to suffer for your style. Packed with fantastic features including a dual adapter and a set of unique black plates that provide added shine every time you use them we don't reckon you'll find better extra wide straighteners on the market.

We've already mentioned most of this, but it can't hurt to say it again so, just so you that you know, the Cloud Nine Iron features ...

A Temperature Control Panel
Black Ceramic Plates
A Swivel Cord
A Heat Guard
Hibernation Mode
A Dual Adapter
Universal Voltage
2 Year Warranty

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