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The O Heated Rollers

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The best thing since sliced bread, The O delivers perfect curls every time. Fact. Better get your hands on one now…

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The O Heated Rollers

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The O Heated Rollers

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The O Heated Rollers

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The O Heated Rollers

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The O is completely revolutionary and something that has not been seen in the hairdressing world previously. On face value it's just a heated roller system that doesn't make it all that original. However, this isn't any run-of-the-mill product, it's a whole different kettle of fish. Its state of the art Velcro system means that it doesn't pull or snag the hair; they go into the hair with ease and slide straight back off with just the same simple motion. First difference noted. Next difference: the heating process used to heat the rollers. They're dropped into the futuristic looking pod and in 3 seconds with the sound of a beep they are ready to go into the hair thanks to new heat induction technology that needs to be seen to be believed. When they come from the Pod the rollers are 130 degrees, heating from the core outwards to stop them from burning either hands or the hair. Third difference: small dots that turn orange in colour when they are at full temperature let you know when they're done curling your barnet by turning grey and making the whole process oh-so simple. So yep, that's a whole lot of differences making The O the only heated roller system to put your trust in.

Just so you know, The O includes...

1x The O Pod
4x 30mm Rollers
4x 40mm Rollers
4x 50mm Rollers
1x Amplify Spray
1x Sectioning Comb
1x Limited Edition Case

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