Round Ceramic Brush (Medium)

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This is no run-of-the-mill hairbrush. MoroccanOil Round Ceramic Nylon Bristle Brush is constructed from top quality materials with unique ceramic and ionic properties, ensuring a strong and durable brush that enhances your blow-drying experience and leaves you with shiny, healthy beautiful hair.

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Round Ceramic Brush (Medium)

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Round Ceramic Brush (Medium)

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Round Ceramic Brush (Medium)

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Round Ceramic Brush (Medium)

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Now for the science part...
The first class MoroccanOil Ceramic within the brush retains and evenly distributes heat – unlike a metal brush where the temperature wavers all over the shop, the ceramic loses and gains heat less rapidly so the temperature of the brush is more constant. Ions found within the Nylon brush bristles repel water - reducing the total drying time and damage to your hair - and use specialist ionic technology to smooth the cuticle and scales of each hair strand (so we're effectively talking conditioner in a brush) Seeing as this all woks together to make such a clever product, it's a good job it last two times longer than the average brush as you won't be wanting to part with it any time soon. Oh and if all of this wasn't enough, there's a hair section pin included in the end of the brush.

Use the Moroccanoil Round Ceramic Nylon Bristle Brush on dry hair with your hair dryer. For amazing body concentrate your brush strokes right from the roots especially around the crown section. Nothing too complicated really.

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