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Diopti Creme (anti-wrinkle)

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Although it’s pretty handy for most things in life, when it comes to our skin gravity’s not so friendly, causing the tissues around our eyes to slacken as our connective tissues lose their volume and density over time. Wrinkles deepen and lymphatic and blood microcirculation slows as a result – there’s no point denying it. No worries, clinical studies show a proven 87% improvement in wrinkle numbers and depth when using Lierac DioptiCreme - Anti Wrinkle - Repair Rye Rream 10ml. Finally – a bit of good news!

SIZE: 10ml
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Diopti Creme (anti-wrinkle)

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Diopti Creme (anti-wrinkle)

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Diopti Creme (anti-wrinkle)

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Diopti Creme (anti-wrinkle)

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The ultra fine non-greasy formula in Lierac DioptiCreme - Anti Wrinkle - Repair Eye Cream features a rich concentration of Alchemilla, Ivy and Horsetail that help stimulate fibroblast synthesis for boosted antiwrinkle effectiveness. This lovely little botanical synergy is accompanied by the plant extracts of Prunus, that has a proud reputation for its action on elasticity and skin hydration. Oh and there’s also Calendula in here too – it’s got some great skin softening properties. So with all these ingredients doing such a mighty fine job you’re on the home straight to energized, more youthful eyes that’re full of moisture and have a whole lot less of those troublesome wrinkles and fine lines. If you’re panicking about your skin type then no need – it’s perfect for everyone.

There’s nothing too scary about using Lierac DioptiCreme - Anti Wrinkle - Repair Eye Cream. Apply this little beauty morning and night after using Lierac - Diopti Demaq (eye makeup remover). Get going applying the cream under the start of the eyebrow, and then gently smooth it all in working outwards, ending widely on the temple. Repeat under the eye, moving slightly downwards towards the ear, along any sneaky crow’s-feet wrinkles. Then, lightly and rapidly pinch the upper eyelid (this might sound a bit odd but trust us it works!).

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