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Diopti Lisse (lifting)

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Though we’d love to say it isn’t true, age-induced undereye puffiness (caused as the support tissues in our skin slacken over time) is one of the harsher facts of life. Although there’s just no getting around it, we do at least have Lierac DioptiLisse - Lifting - Instant Smoothing Gel 10ml – a welcome remedy to puffy eyes.

SIZE: 10ml
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Diopti Lisse (lifting)

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Diopti Lisse (lifting)

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Diopti Lisse (lifting)

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Diopti Lisse (lifting)

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For those of you that aren’t all that good at waiting, you’ll be pleased to know that DioptiLisse - Lifting - Instant Smoothing Gel delivers an immediate “lifting” effect to your eyes thanks to a second-generation aqualifting complex. Based on wheat proteins, this LIERAC-exclusive complex combines microspheres capable of swelling up to 20 times their original volume with an ultra-tensor agent. For an instant beauty boost, this product also combines two patented light-reflecting pigments. These clever little beauties “play” with the light by diffusing it onto the skin surface to light up dark areas and smooth the skin’s microprofile. Finally, the highly porous pigments improve makeup hold and ensure long-lasting wear. Now that really is something to talk about.

Apply this little wonder gel in light massaging motions under or over Lierac - Diopti Demaq (eye makeup remover) for an instant bright-eyed beauty. It’s almost too easy isn’t it?

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