XenTan - Face Tanner

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Fancy a bit of colour in your cheeks? Yes please. XEN-TAN - Face Tanner 80ml is a weightless tan ideal for sensitive skin types that fights off signs of aging with an antioxidant complex. Oh and its got a flawless time release system making it ideal for everyday use. Forget please and thank you, just give us the stuff!

SIZE: 80ml
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XenTan - Face Tanner

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XenTan - Face Tanner

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XenTan - Face Tanner

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XenTan - Face Tanner

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XEN-TAN - Face Tanner 80ml is a unique sunless tan specifically for your face, applied daily it leaves your skin hydrated with a glowing natural Olive tan. Jam packed with powerful antioxidants fighting off the signs of aging XEN-TAN - Face Tanner 80ml uses a timed released system which guarantee a smooth truly radiant tan. It also contains Vitamin E, Green Tea, Milk Thistle and Aloe that provide smoothing and soothing ingredients for even the most sensitive of skin types. With its weightless feel, it works great with or without makeup.
Apply XEN-TAN - Face Tanner 80ml with your fingers to throat and face. It can be worn alone or under makeup. Wash your hands with soap after applying and wait 3 hours before showering or swimming - we'd hate you to lose that gorgeous new tan to the bottom of the washbasin.

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