Xingu Antioxidant Cream

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Xingu High Antioxidant Prevention Cream, 30ml knows what it does best - and boy does it do it well! Intensively nourishing and full of moisture it doesn’t burden your skin with horrible, clogging product but instead is rich, luxurious and promotes the healthy function of your skin. The result: skin that charged full of energy and strength.

SIZE: 30ml
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Santaverde Xingu Antioxidant Cream 30ml

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Xingu Antioxidant Cream

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Xingu Antioxidant Cream

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Xingu Antioxidant Cream

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Xingu High Antioxidant Prevention Cream, 30ml offers your skin all kinds of amazing benefits. Not only does it relax and smooth your skin – using the no-water formula to provide serious hydration day and night - but all those antioxidants also do a wonderful job of fighting the signs of ageing. As if that’s not enough already it also boasts mild anti-inflammatory and calming effects and supports the natural elasticity and suppleness of your skin. One last thing: to make sure that it delivers the goods every time it has 11 ORAC per gram (1g corresponds to a twice daily application) so you’ll be an Amazonian Warrior before you know it!

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