Philip Kingsley
Body & Shine Jet Set

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Philip Kingsley - Body and Shine Jet Set is your complete mini set for limp or flyaway hair that's taken some heat or chemically processing. It gives you fantastic body, detangles and leaves fine hair lustrous and shiny without adding weight. So no need to panic about how your barnet will look in the holiday snaps.

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Body & Shine Jet Set

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Body & Shine Jet Set

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Body & Shine Jet Set

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Body & Shine Jet Set

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So, what's in the box? Well you've got...

1 x Philip Kingsley - Body Building Shampoo 75ml to pump up the volume.

1 x Philip Kingsley - Moisture Balancing Conditioner 75ml to keep thirsty locks watered.

3 x Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer - Intensive Super Moistursing Treatment 20ml to get those locks looking elastic and energised.

As for how to use them, there's nothing too complicated involved and the bottles tell you all you need to know. Let's face it; they'll probably make a more interesting read than the in-flight magazine too...

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