PhytARGENT Shampoo

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PhytArgent - Whitening Shampoo 200ml accentuates brightness of naturally white or coloured white hair, removing those unwanted yellow tones and soothes irritated scalps while it does it. All this and it manages to leave your hair soft and radiant too. That's a fine example of mult-tasking if ever we saw one!

SIZE: 200ml
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PhytARGENT Shampoo

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PhytARGENT Shampoo

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PhytARGENT Shampoo

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PhytARGENT Shampoo

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Enriched with Cornflour PhytArgent - Whitening Shampoo 200ml gently soothes the scalp while reinforcing the whitening action, accentuating the brilliance of silver highlights in the hair. With a slightly blue pigment PhytArgent - Whitening Shampoo 200ml removes any yellow tones from white hair without leaving any unwanted reflection. Moisture, softness and radiance come courtesy of botanical active ingredients Lanolin and Wood Cellulose. Your newfound brightness is just around the corner.

Ideally after cleansing your scalp with PhytoNeutre Scalp Cleanse 100ml, get applying a small amount of PhytArgent - Whitening Shampoo 200ml onto wet hair, massage in thoroughly leave on a couple on for 5 of minutes, then give it a good old rinse. If your wanting some moisture for you hair but are worried about your hair becoming limp from using an in shower conditioner, use a small pea sized amount of Phyto 9 - Daily Ultra Nourishing Botanical Cream 50ml on towel dried mid lengths and ends once you're out of the shower.

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