PhytoCEDRAT Shampoo

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A frequent use gentle scalp cleansing shampoo that will get rid of dirt and excess sebum (the grease culprits) and will vastly improve your volume and bounce. The very clever PhyoCedrat - Sebo Regulating Shampoo prevents rebound effect of oiliness returning, see below for the science bit.

SIZE: 200ml
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PhytoCEDRAT Shampoo

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PhytoCEDRAT Shampoo

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PhytoCEDRAT Shampoo

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PhytoCEDRAT Shampoo

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The key to PhyoCedrat - Sebo Regulating Shampoo is that it doesn't over stimulate the sebaceous glands, which prevents the normal rebound effect of the oiliness returning just hours after shampooing. PhyoCedrat contains a whopping 9 botanical ingredients (Rosemary,Burdock, Sage and Nettle) mixed with the essential oil of lemon and elements from the geranium plant which work gently to give you new volume and weightlessness without drying out the ends, how very kind of them. In your daily shower, apply a small amount of PhyoCedrat - Sebo Regulating Shampoo 200ml onto wet hair, massage into your scalp for a couple of minutes and rinse. Repeat to make sure the scalp is completely cleansed. Avoid using in shower conditioners, a great alternative is a very light hydrating cream Phyto 7 - Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream 50ml – apply on towel dried hair after your refreshing PhyoCedrat experience.

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