PhytoPROGENIUM Shampoo

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A lot of things can be irritating in life, why put up with it? PhytoPROGENIUM is for frequent use if you suffer from an irritable scalp. It'll get rid of the germs causing the problems and provide you with a dose of rich anti-oxidants making hair a joy to style again.

SIZE: 200ml
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PhytoPROGENIUM Shampoo

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PhytoPROGENIUM Shampoo

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PhytoPROGENIUM Shampoo

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PhytoPROGENIUM Shampoo

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PhytoProgenium + Intelligent Shampoo uses a natural, clarifying base with oat, almond milk and marshmallow root to cleanse gently. Progenium preserves the thin layer on the top of your scalp, throw in some olive leaf extract and it all means you've got a beautiful, protected, healthy mane.

Because PhytoProgenium + Intelligent Shampoo is gentle, you can use as frequently as you like, knock yourself out. Apply a small dollop onto wet hair, massage into the scalp for a couple of minutes and rinse. Repeat for total cleansing. If you're looking for an extra bit of moisture with added detangling amazingness you should try PhytoBaume Conditioner 200ml. Oh and it's weightless too, so no flat hair here ladies.

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