Intense Nutrition Shampoo

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Ultra dry hair need not despair as PhytoSpecific - Intense Nutrition Shampoo 150ml has the answer. A deeply hydrating creamy conditioning shampoo, it restores strength and nourishment from deep inside the hair shaft. Phew, that's something we needed to hear!

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Intense Nutrition Shampoo

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Intense Nutrition Shampoo

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Intense Nutrition Shampoo

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Intense Nutrition Shampoo

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Ideal for anyones hair that's in need of some love and attention, PhytoSpecific - Intense Nutrition Shampoo 150ml rich in Macadamia and Kukui oils blends into your hair to hydrate and nourish deep down. A rich cocktail of 4 plant active ingredients, combined with Wheat and Panthenol proteins strengthens the hair shaft and makes it easier to detangle. The end results are naturally radiant, recharged, lustrous and manageable hair.

Jump in the shower and apply PhytoSpecific - Intense Nutrition Shampoo 150ml directly onto wet hair, massage thoroughly into your hair and scalp, leave on for a couple of minutes, then rinse out. Then go for round two. If you're looking for extra moisturizing nourishment follow with PhytoSpecific - Intense Nutrition Mask 200ml and once your out of the shower finish off with a pea sized amount of PhytoSpecific - Moisturizing Styling Balm 125ml on towel dried hair.

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