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Moisture Extreme Shampoo

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Tending to the every need of Afro, Hispanic and very course hair types, as well as those with chemically processed/relaxed hair or synthetic hair, Moisture Extreme Shampoo 200ml is a sure fast route to frizz free locks.

SIZE: 200ml
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Moisture Extreme Shampoo

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Moisture Extreme Shampoo

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Moisture Extreme Shampoo

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Moisture Extreme Shampoo

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"Developed from a whole heap of Trichological experience, Moisture Extreme Shampoo 200ml is perfect for extremely porous, tight curls and all variations of ethnic hair textures. Moisture Extreme Shampoo gets rid of any styling and conditioning products clogging up your barnet leaving it squeaky clean but without stripping it of all its natural oils.

A very sophisticated selection of mild cleansing and conditioning agents that station themselves deep within your hair’s structure during washing leaving it easy to comb when wet or dry. Extensive moisture-binding properties nourish and soften locks helping o smooth ad repair damaged hair cuticles. The result? Brilliant, healthy, frizz-free shine.

Apply Moisture Extreme shampoo to wet locks and give it a good lather up before rinsing. Repeat the whole thing if you fancy (lets face it - it doesn’t take long) and follow up with Pure Silver Conditioner. No need to worry if you’ve got colour treated hair – Pure Silver works a dream on it.

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