Vital Force Shampoo

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Excessive styling and chemical treatments just aren't that friendly to our hair, there're no two ways about it. One way to soothe your tresses' woes however is PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Shampoo 150ml, a plant based fortifying hair and scalp shampoo that treats the needs of hair that is extremely porous and feeling a little hard done by.

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Vital Force Shampoo

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Vital Force Shampoo

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Vital Force Shampoo

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Vital Force Shampoo

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The creamy formula of PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Shampoo 150ml combines the moisturizing and nourishing properties of Illipe butter, Mango oil and Barley milk to penetrate your hair and repair it from deep inside the hair shaft. Rich in Wheat amino acids and Panthenol, PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Shampoo 150ml reinforces the hair shaft, revitalizes relaxed hair and detangles with ease, leaving damaged, brittle hair reconstructed and deeply nourished with long lasting vitality and health. Good news at last!

Jump in the shower and apply PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Shampoo 150ml directly onto wet hair, massage thoroughly into your hair and scalp, leave on for a couple of minutes, then rinse out. Then go for round two. If you're looking for additional moisturizing nourishment follow with PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Treatment Bath 200ml.

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