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Swim Cap

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Philip Kingsley - Swim Cap is the perfect product for those summer holidays away or if you just love swimming on a weekly basis. It acts as a waterproof barrier against damaging effects of chlorine and salt water, stops discolouration and damage from the sun and is a super-deep conditioning treatment. So chlorine damage can take a hike...or a swim...

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Swim Cap

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Swim Cap

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Swim Cap

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Swim Cap

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Chlorine is one of the most damaging things for our hair – and that nasty greenish tinge it tries to inflict on us is never a good look. With Philip Kingsley - Swim Cap, its unique formulation creates a 100% waterproof barrier guarding your hair against discolouration and damage caused by weathering from the sun (UV protection), salt water, wind and that dreaded chlorine, while simultaneously providing a super deep conditioning treatment for your hair.

Just before you go swimming - or if you're preparing for a day in the sunshine - dampen your hair and apply Philip Kingsley - Swim Cap in large pea sized amounts until you feel that your hair is covered sufficiently. Then, have a good old comb through to even out the protective treatment. You should reapply if you've been splashing around for ages in the water to maintain 100% sun protection. When it comes to washing it out, shampoo you hair twice and condition as normal. A shampoo that we highly recommend to rinse it out with is KMS - Clarifying Shampoo, it contains all the active ingredients to breakdown that nasty chlorine.

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