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Weatherproof Styling Froth

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A styling foam that provides control, hold and volume Philip Kingsley - Weatherproof Styling Froth lets you get creative without worrying your masterpiece will have disappeared within the hour. What's more is that it creates a super-seductive shine at the same time. Marvellous!

SIZE: 150ml
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Weatherproof Styling Froth

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Weatherproof Styling Froth

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Weatherproof Styling Froth

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Weatherproof Styling Froth

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Get the best of both worlds with Philip Kingsley - Weatherproof Styling Froth. It provides your hair with amazing control and hold with added volume really allowing you to personalise your hairstyle. Philip Kingsley - Weatherproof Styling Froth also protects your hair against heat and environment stresses whilst nourishing conditioning agents, anti oxidants and sunscreens help prolong the life of any colour treatments you may have. Oh and it's non-greasy too. Well that's a relief.

Once you've finished in the shower jump out and towel dry your hair. Shake Philip Kingsley - Weatherproof Styling Froth well before use, then apply about an egg sized amount to your hair, have a comb through, then you're ready to go crazy with your hair drier. You can also use it on curly hair to add texture & movement; do the same as before only dry it with a diffuser.

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