Index 2: Coarse & Resistant Hair

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Finally - home hair relaxing made easy for those of us with normal, thick and resistant hair. You needn't look further than PhytoSpecific Relaxer Index 1; It retains moisture during relaxing process, is totally Lye-free and makes for some long-lasting natural relaxing. So you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Index 2: Coarse & Resistant Hair

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Index 2: Coarse & Resistant Hair

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Index 2: Coarse & Resistant Hair

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Index 2: Coarse & Resistant Hair

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PhytoSpecific Relaxer Index 1 is for those of us with normal, thick and resistant hair. Achieve beautifully shiny silky hair with this exclusive naturally formulated straightening innovation from PhytoSpecific. This is pretty high tech stuff; it's got exceptional relaxing properties and works without the use of Lye, thanks to a cocktail of botanical plant extracts. An original synergy of Egg and Soya extracts has been developed so it retains and optimizes moisture within the hair throughout the relaxing process. Specifically designed with home straightening in mind, it makes things seem a whole lot easier and keeps you nice and safe too.

In the box you'll find...

1 x Pre-Care Balm 10ml – to protect sensitive areas

1 x Straightening Cream 225ml – an egg and soya based relaxing base

1 x Inductor 60ml - to reinforce the relaxing effect

1 x Neutralising and Cleansing Emulsion 125ml – to neutralise the relaxing action

1 x Milky Restructurer 75ml – an after relaxing conditioner

Ensure a minimum 3-day wait from your last shampoo before using PhytoSpecific Relaxer Index 1 and don't apply it to coloured or permed hair, or directly to the scalp (especially irritated ones). Simply follow the directions included in your kit, and use only the 5 products proved in the kit to obtain optimal results. For best results use PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Shampoo 150ml and PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Treatment Bath 200ml to soft and nourish your hair.

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