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Scalp Mask

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For an intense exfoliating and cooling treatment get a hold of Philip Kingsley - Scalp Mask. It dramatically improves maintenance of a healthy scalp, controls flaking and itching and even improves hair growth, texture and natural behavior. Really rather clever.

SIZE: 30ml
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Scalp Mask

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Scalp Mask

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Scalp Mask

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Scalp Mask

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Philip Kingsley - Scalp Mask tingles and stimulates the scalp with an intensive, exfoliating and cooling treatment that helps maintain a healthy scalp thus improving the quality of your hair. Philip Kingsley - Scalp Mask also helps control flaking and itching while stimulating to improve hair growth, texture and natural behaviour. Quite the multi-tasker right? It's also available in a travel size so you can take it with you to Timbuktu...

Before you get in the shower start applying Philip Kingsley - Scalp Mask in straight rows about 2 inches apart on your scalp. Once covered gently massage into your scalp, relax for 20 minutes and then jump in the shower, rinsing thoroughly until the water runs clear. Go for two shampoos and condition as normal. For the ultimate in hair luxury just after you've applied Philip Kingsley - Scalp Mask dampen your hair then apply Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer and massage them in together.

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