PhytoCYANE Treatment

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The stats don't lie: PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps regenerates thinning hair for us girls with an 85% success rate. It's also handy in delaying the growth of those long-dreaded white hairs, protecting against harmful free radicals and has a rebuilding action surrounding the hair bulb. What more could you want?

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PhytoCYANE Treatment

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PhytoCYANE Treatment

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PhytoCYANE Treatment

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PhytoCYANE Treatment

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Now for the science bit:
PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps combines the benefits of an anti hair loss fortifying treatment to stimulate hair re-growth with the advantages of beautifying cosmetic care. Due to the synergetic action of PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps botanical ingredients (Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B) strengthens your hair's resistance and cell metabolism is fortified. Grapeseed Procynidins (OPG) extract protects against free radicals and harmful environmental factors while protecting the hair bulb, preventing the signs of aging and helping delay the appearance of white hairs. PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps leaves a sensation of freshness and comfort right down scalp bed leading the way to thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

If all that went over your head (and we can't say we blame you) then hearing that in a proven FEMALE clinical study PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps demonstrated the effectiveness of beating the war on thinning hair in 85% of case studies (carried out on 77 women by an independent laboratory) will probably stay put better.

Once you've thoroughly cleansed you hair and scalp with PhytoCyane - Revitalizing Shampoo 200ml jump out of the shower and towel dry your hair. Apply PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps directly to your scalp in straight lines using one whole vile to cover your entire scalp. Gently get massaging with your fingertips, do not rinse then style however takes your fancy. Incorporate PhytoCyane - Thinning Hair Treatment 12amps at least 3 times a week into your routine for the first month then once a week for 2-3 months. For maximum results Phyto recommend PhytoPhanere - Fortifying Capsules 120caps as a daily supplement.

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