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Silk by name, silk by nature, PhytoLaque - Soie Hair Spray 100ml gives you a silk-soft natural hold that's non-greasy and weightless. Plus, seeing as it's a handy size, you'll never be caught out without it again.

SIZE: 100ml
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PhytoLaque - Soie Hair Spray 100ml is a soft hold hair spray with natural silk proteins that add softness and a satiny finish to hair without leaving a greasy residue. A top quality salon product, it gives you effortless additional texture without you noticing that its actually there at all. Truly weightless. Truly genius.

Once you've finished blow-drying your hair, apply a few sprays of PhytoLaque - Soie Hair Spray 100ml from about 30 centimetres away, let it settle and then apply light textural movements with you fingertips for added style. Nice and easy for everyone, not just hair stylists.

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